cTrader mobile apps

Trade on the go!

MOTFX cTrader Apps provide you with the ultimate FX trading experience as native mobile applications. Gain access to our tight spreads and fast execution speeds directly from your mobile device. Enjoy the same core functionality as cTrader Web for Mobiles, with faster launch times and an easy-to-use interface.

This portable version of cTrader can be accessed from any device, ensuring you're never more than a touch away from the world's most liquid market.

cTrader apps offer all the tools you need for effective technical analysis, including common trend indicators, oscillators, volatility measures, and line drawings, all accessible directly within the chart.

Trade on the go!

cTrader App with MOTFX

  • Ultra fast execution
  • One click order execution
  • Full balance, margin, and P&L information
  • Complete accounts list – switch account with a single tap.
  • View all symbols and rates, including from your favourites list
  • All charts available
  • View your complete trading history
  • View and modify pending orders
  • Special split-screen interface for Tablets/ iPads
cTrader App with MOTFX

cTrader App Benefits

  • Simple user interface
  • Advanced take profit and stop loss systems
  • Detachable charts and varying chart time frames
  • Live sentiments and depth of market.
cTrader App Benefits

How to open MOTFX cTrader account

Step 1

Open an account at MOTFX

Open an account at MOTFX and fill out your complete information to pass our KYC process.

Step 2

Open a cTrader account on MOTFX

Open a cTrader account on MOTFX, choosing from our Pro, Standard, and Swap Free account types.

Step 3

Register on cTrader and start trading

If you don’t have a registration on cTrader, you can register at cTrader.com using the same email address you used to create your MOTFX account. After registration, simply log in, and everything will be synced seamlessly for your convenience.

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