Trade shares with no commission

Trade shares with no commission

All the big names

Trade popular company shares such as Nvidia, Tesla, Netflix, Apple, Amazon, as well as leading firms in Big Pharma, Big Tech, and other large-cap sectors worldwide without incurring any commission fees.

Low and stable spreads

Keep your trading costs low, even when prices are fluctuating. Enjoy low and stable spreads, even during high- impact market news and economic events.

Low and stable spreads

Split-Second execution

Stay ahead of trends with lightning-fast execution. Get your orders executed in milliseconds on all available platforms at MOTFX.

Split-Second execution

Negative Balance Protection

Accounts are safeguarded from going below zero. If a customer's balance falls into negative territory due to excessive losses, price gaps, or high volatility, we cover the negative balance to restore it to zero.

Negative Balance Protection

Shares information

Company Name
Per lot/side
1 - 100%
Long Swap
Short Swap
AAgilent Technologies, Inc.$0.0010016:30-23:003.33%-40.00000%NYSE
AALAmerican Airlines Group$0.00$100.0016:30-23:003.33%-100.00%0.00000%NASDAQ
AIGAmerican International Group$0.00$100.0016:30-23:003.33%-3800.00%0.00000%NYSE
BABoeing Company$0.00$100.0016:30-23:003.33%-700.00%0.00000%NYSE
BABAAlibaba Group Holding Limited$0.00$100.0016:30-23:003.33%-800.00%0.00000%NYSE

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Maximize your advantage

by investing in shares of popular companies, granting you exposure to fluctuations in the stock market.

    Hold your stock trading positions

    without incurring any swap or overnight fees across all available stocks, enabling you to enjoy cost-effective trading.

      Enjoy no commission

      on company shares trading and keep your trading cost minimal.

        Shares market conditions

        Trading shares of companies through our broker enables you to leverage the price movements of a company's stock without owning the underlying asset. This capability allows you to potentially profit from both upward and downward movements in the stock price.

        Shares trading hours

        All shares can be traded from Monday to Friday. US shares trade during the New York Stock Exchange hours pre-market, market, after-market hours. EU shares trade during the London Stock Exchange hours pre-market, market, and after-market hours. Asia shares trade during the Tokyo Stock Exchange hours pre-market, market, and after-market hours.

        US shares trade during GMT+3 16:30-23:00 hours.
        EU shares trade during GMT+3 10:00-18:30 hours.
        Asia shares trade during GMT+3 03:30-10:00 hours.
        ETFs trade during GMT+3 16:30-23:00 hours.

        Please note that you can only open and close shares during relative trading hours.


        Swap refers to the interest applied to all FX pairs trading positions left open overnight. Swaps occur at 00:00 GMT+3 each day, excluding weekends, until the position is closed. Swaps represent leverage and margin trading financing costs. It's important to note that triple swaps are charged on Wednesdays to cover financing costs incurred over the weekend.
        In our swap-free accounts, we don't charge swap fees. Instead, financing costs are covered by a small added spread. This account type is ideal for swing traders who hold positions overnight.


        The amounts of stock dividends are subject to daily updates. When dividends are factored into the shares, it can lead to price adjustments the following day during the market open.

        Fixed margin requirements

        When trading shares, leverage is standardized at 1:30 for all shares. The daily higher margin requirements for each share are determined by its specific characteristics.


        Our shares market spreads are free-flowing and floating, sourced directly from the inter-bank system and tier 1 liquidity providers. The spreads mentioned are averages from the previous trading day, but for real-time spreads, please consult the trading platform. It's important to note that spreads may widen during periods of lower liquidity, which could endure until liquidity levels normalize.

        Frequently asked questions

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