Your security is our top priority

Your security is our top priority

Payment protection

We are dedicated to ensure a secure trading environment, with advanced payment and account safety measures, including fund protections.

Secure withdrawals

Our fast and automatic withdrawal feature ensures instant processing of your withdrawal requests, while also ensuring that withdrawals are initiated only by you. Our payment solution system regularly checks withdrawal destination accounts and wallet addresses. If any changes are detected from previous records, we promptly contact the client for verification. Additionally, one-time passwords and 2FA are available for withdrawal verification.

3D Secure verification

We ensure secure trading with 3D Secure debit card transactions, which provide additional fraud protection through a one-time pin sent to your phone.


Reserve Funds

We safeguard your funds by holding them in segregated tier 1 global and local bank accounts. Additionally, we maintain a reserve account larger than the total deposit accounts, ensuring that we can meet your withdrawal requests at any time of the day.

Secure Crypto Transactions

When you deposit using our cryptocurrency option, a new wallet address is generated for each deposit. Successful deposits are promptly credited to your account.

Platform protection

Explore further to learn about our safe and secure trading conditions and the protective measures we have in place for a smooth trading experience.

Web attack protection

Our Web Application Firewall (WAF) safeguards our infrastructure and servers against web threats such as SQL injection and XSS attacks, while also blocking harmful traffic.

Trading platform fault tolerance

Our DDoS protection ensures seamless order execution, 24/7 access to your Dashboard, swift deposits and withdrawals, and uninterrupted server operations.

Zero trust approach

Our Zero Trust model operates on the assumption of minimal trust for company IT components. It incorporates features such as user and device authentication, restricted access, and network monitoring.

Bug Bounty program

You benefit from an additional layer of security through our Bug Bounty program, where external experts are invited to scrutinize our platforms and provide reviews that assist us in enhancing our services.

Cybersecurity knowledge and skills

Our Information Security Team stays consistently updated on security technology and continually enhances their skills through workshops and certifications.

Trading protection

Protect your positions with our customized trading protection programs.

Negative Balance Protection

You will never lose more than your initial deposit. We ensure that your losses do not exceed your balance across all trading account types. In the rare event that your account balance falls below zero, we cover the losses.


Wide Spread Protection

During highly volatile and low liquidity periods, as well as during market open and close times, spreads can widen, potentially closing you out of your positions. However, with us, you're protected. We have implemented wide spread protection, ensuring that you will not experience spreads greater than 15 pips regardless of market conditions.

Steps to protect your account

1. Protect Your Privacy

Protect the confidentiality of your Log In information and Dashboard access at all times. Never share your username, email, password, or any other account-related information with anyone. Additionally, ensure that your name is not used by anyone else to create an account at MOTFX.

2. Secure Transactions

Limit financial transactions to the MOTFX Dashboard and refrain from transferring funds to unknown accounts to ensure security and prevent unauthorized access to your funds.

3. Activate 2FA

Configure 2FA security settings to prevent unauthorized access to your account, ensuring that only you can log in securely.

4. Stay Vigilant

Exercise caution with unknown links and sources, and refrain from providing sensitive information if contacted unexpectedly. If you have concerns about suspicious activities, reach out directly to us via live chat or the customer support center. Remember, we will never ask you for your personal information unsolicited.

Frequently asked questions

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